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Office will become Microsoft 365, but nothing is changing at the moment

Office, it’s over! Or almost… Microsoft’s famous software suite is a historic brand known to all, which the publisher has decided to dust off in favor of… Microsoft 365.

From November, Office will become Microsoft 365, named after the publisher’s subscription plan launched in 2011. Originally, it included access to Office as well as cloud services. . It therefore seemed quite logical to carry out the transition from Office to Microsoft 365.

Finding brand consistency

Moreover, the editor of Windows confirms that: For a few years now, Microsoft 365 has become our flagship office suite “. Hence the name change to, the Office mobile app and the Office app for Windows, which will become Microsoft 365 ” with new logo, new design and new functions ” explains Microsoft.

This does not change the “perpetual” version of the office suite: Office 2021 is still sold from €149, while the version for companies is still there. It is therefore not a question of completely burying the Office brand, but of simplifying the offer by placing the package on Microsoft 365.

For the user, it is therefore a “rebranding” which will have no consequences for his files. ” There will be no impact on your account, profile, subscription or files. Apps will be automatically updated with new icon and name “, reassures Microsoft. In the future, Microsoft 365 will get a renewed interface and new features, such as additional templates.

And then there is no question of changing anything for the various software that make up the suite: Word, Excel and PowerPoint are always there, as are Outlook and OneDrive as well as the various synchronization and storage services. Microsoft built much of its success on Office, and there’s no reason to change that!



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