On Netflix and Amazon Prime Video: 2 movies and a series of Watchmen to watch this weekend

Slip under the covers with a nice hot chocolate, this weekend we play Amazon Prime Video and Netflix and Chill. To put it more simply, we are leaving for two days of pure relaxation thanks to the selection of CNET France on the streaming platforms.

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This weekend we find the best detective in Los Angeles i Bosch: Heritagewe become superheroes from the height of our fourteen years Shazam!and we travel in Europe with Spider-Man: Far From Home.

Which movies and series should you watch on Netflix and Amazon Prime Video this weekend?

A long-awaited return: Bosch: Legacy – Season 1 (Prime Video)


The former policeman, Harry Bosch, is now a private detective. To close an old case, he must team up with his former adversary, attorney Honey “Money” Chandler. For her part, Maddie Bosch takes her first steps in the field with the Los Angeles police.

The opinion of CNET France

The end of season 7 Boschseries centered on the eponymous character taken from the novels from Michael Connelly, left us hungry. Either way, the end of an era opens a new one with a name-changing sequel: Bosch: Heritage.

We find there the always very stubborn Harry Bosch, embodied by the excellent Titus Welliver who knows her role like the back of her hand, as well as some familiar faces: her daughter Maddie (Madison Lintz) who wins and the popular Honey Chandler (Mimi Rogers). A solid trio that also serves to camouflage the absence of all the others. End Edgar, Irving, tickets…

The difference in budget is evident with a much smaller cast and less luxurious sets (we’re getting rid of Bosch’s house…). A big change that takes a first season to get used to.

From there to say that this Aftermath have none Bosch that its title and characters would lie. In fact, the spirit of the show remains the same as its predecessor and we continue to revel in investigations, corruption and shenanigans. For as long as Connelly watches, Aftermath or not, we are always in the presence of Bosch.

  • A trailer that takes almost the same thing and starts again:

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The End of the Snyder Era: Shazam! (Netflix)


Bill Batson’s life is not easy. This 14-year-old boy must not only get used to his new foster family, but also to his status as… a superhero! In fact, he was recently chosen by an ancient magic to receive the power of the gods. When he shouts “Shazam!” he transforms into a muscular man who is able to fly or swing lightning with his hands. Getting used to his abilities and facing the forces of evil is a lot for a child…

The opinion of CNET France

Shazam! marks a turning point for the DC Comics superhero franchise in theaters, as it is the film that most clearly stands out from the shared universe initiated by Zack Snyder. Although he assumes his affiliation, the work with David F. Sandberg moving away from the darkness of its predecessors to focus more on its lightness.

A nonchalance helped by the very character of his Super, not really a hero, a child trapped in the body of a man whose desire to clown around with his gifts takes precedence over his desire to save the world. And in this area, Zachary Levi in a padded suit sparks.

Therefore, the film prefers to emphasize its humor, so that there is not much room for the seriousness of the problems. A product of distraction that sacrifices its dramaturgy in favor of yet another joke facing an anecdotal villain.

A lack of character that could have been missing Shazam! if the latter had made it his ambition. But while his sworn enemy on paper is raging in the cinema (black adam) and that another opus will come next year (Wrath of the Gods), the hero must be taken for what he is: an entertaining interlude that doesn’t want to take itself seriously.

  • A trailer that relies heavily on humor:

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The Post-Avengers: Endgame Challenge: Spider-Man: Far From Home (Netflix)


On a school trip to Europe, Peter Parker is forced to don the Spider-Man costume when he agrees to help Nick Fury and someone from another universe encounter strange creatures.

The opinion of CNET France

Spider-Man: Far From Home had the difficult, even suicidal task of succeeding Marvel’s defining juggernaut: Avengers: Endgame. Suffice it to say, he couldn’t just make people happy.

But the second part of Peter Parker’s exploits, still embodied by those very involved Tom Hollanddoesn’t hurt by offering us a more bombastic adventure than its predecessor, as well as the vision of the direct consequences of Tony Stark’s death on the world and in the young man’s mind.

An ambitious installment that introduces an iconic villain from Spidey’s universe for the first time: Mysterio. An opponent expert in illusion who allows his interpreter as much Jack Gyllenhaal to have fun in his excesses of histrionics, than to the director Jon Watts to sign an impressive nightmare sequence.

Also Spider-Man: Far From Home also allows marking time after one Final game intense, starting a new chapter for the MCU with strong new characters now that the old ones have given up. And as a transitional film, we’ve seen much worse.

  • A trailer that must do without Tony Stark:

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