One month after the withdrawal from the App Store, Microsoft offers SwiftKey again!

Microsoft finally realized that its alternative SwiftKey keyboard had a lot of iOS users. This is why the application is back in the App Store a month after it was deleted by the publisher.

Fun story than SwiftKey! This alternative keyboard, first launched on Android and then on iOS 8 in 2014 (when Apple decided to support this feature), has never really been talked about all this time, except for the last month when Microsoft, which bought the software in 2016, decided to remove the app from Apple’s store.

Uses enthusiasm

SwiftKey, which is still available on Android, was long out of support from Microsoft. Users have been complaining for months about bugs and other unresolved issues. Furthermore, the iOS application had not been eligible for an update for more than a year prior to its withdrawal from the App Store. The company simply announced that SwiftKey will continue to work, at least until the app is manually deleted on the iPhone.

Lack of interest on the part of the publisher, but not on the part of the users. ” Based on customer feedback, the iOS version of SwiftKey is once again available in the App Store “, confirms a spokesperson The edge. It is actually the keyboard users who pushed Microsoft to offer the application again!

It is now left to develop it. The current version back on iOS is dated August 11, 2021. Microsoft Vice President and General Manager of Office Products Vishnu Nath encouraged SwiftKey fans to β€œ stay tuned for what the team has in store “. The publisher promises a significant investment to the keyboard. Excellent news therefore for users who will be happy to see that Microsoft is once again concerned about their favorite application.

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