Orange activates Amazon’s Alexa assistant on the UHD TV decoder

Voice assistance will be through the remote or its other Alexa products in the house.

Orange has decided to activate Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant in the UHD TV decoder and its remote control, after the Djingo assistant failed. The Orange decoder will thus be able to integrate into an Alexa environment.

After the failure of the Djingo home assistant, Orange decided to activate Amazon’s Alexa assistant directly in the UHD TV decoder (supplied in the Livebox and Pack Open offers).

Alexa in the decoder

With the disappearance of Djingo, remote controls and UHD TV decoders no longer had access to the various services. By integrating Alexa directly into the UHD TV decoder, Orange gives access to the Amazon environment with Amazon Echo speakers. Thereby, Alexa users can control the UHD TV decoder from an Amazon device (Echo, Fire, mobile app,…).

Orange TV also allows you to integrate one of the 3000 Alexa skillsincluding skills:

  • news (Radio France, Ouest France, l’Equipe, etc.),
  • their horoscope (She),
  • stories for children (Les Petites Histoires, Oli…),
  • search for a cooking recipe (Marmiton, Jow, Cuisine Actuelle),
  • or even play games (Akinator, Ciné Quiz, Hits Quiz, etc.).
an Alexa weather skill used from the orange TV interface on the UHD TV decoder
A weather skill used from Orange TV

Alexa activation is done on the UHD TV decoder. Pressing the microphone button on the decoder’s remote control activates the Alexa configuration wizard on the decoder and launches the procedure for adding a new device to the Amazon account. An Amazon account, without or with Amazon Prime, is required but can only be one fixed line (DSL or FTTH) with 1 or 2 UHD TV decoders.

Djingo’s fault

Launched in 2018, the home assistant Djingo, developed by Orange and Deutsche Telekom, was to organize the Orange connected home with a Djingo speaker and the UHD TV decoder (with voice recognition on the remote control) but also Cabasse speakers and certain third-party services (Deezer,, Meteo France, etc.).

For the UHD TV decoder, Djingo was integrated into the decoder remote control for the voice recognition needed to search in the Orange TV interface.

the Djingo speaker surrounded by a Cabasse speaker, an Orange TV 4 decoder and a TV Key 2
The Djingo speaker in an Orange environment during Show Hello 2018

But, with a speaker at 149€ and problems in the assistant, the project was abandoned in 2019 before a disconnection in 2021. Fortunately, Djingo had a fallback in third-party services with the presence of Alexa. Thus, in the event of a request not managed by Djingo, the service would query Alexa to respond to the request.

Alexa requires UHD TV decoder update to 01.84.48, which is currently being rolled out. An electrical restart of the decoder may be required to force the update.


Benoit Salles

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