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While most artist documentaries tend to be hollow, contrived commercials, never show it to anyone was immediately characterized by a rare sincerity. That of a younger brother who, as a bit of a crazy bet, had decided to film his older brother and his friends because he was convinced that they would end up making a name for themselves in rap (and could also hang out with them) ) . It is this authenticity that gave it all its strength and created the documentary series as touching as fascinating.

Based on more than 3000 hours of images collected over almost twenty years, Clément Cotentin proposed to follow from the inside, the first years of the career of his brother Aurélien, who became Orelsan, from his beginnings in his shabby apartment in Caen to fame, awards and concerts in the biggest halls of France. More than a return to the galleys, the successes and the development of the Norman rapper, the result imposed itself as a magnificent proof of brotherly love, revealing in passing a wise portrait of the rap industry and France in the 2000s, but also the story of an endearing group of teenagers who carried each other while remaining united.

“No need for new friends, I can’t see mine yet”

Both reaching the end of their ambitions, the two brothers wondered what they could do next. Clément Cotentin has chosen to leave his career as a sports journalist to fully devote himself to the future. continued to film his brother Orelsan for two years, during the preparation of his fourth album, Civilization. Therefore, these four new episodes are bound to be less rich and surprisingand the fact that Orelsan and the others know that the footage will end up on Amazon Prime Video boring spirit of homies movie from the archives of the first part.

But what the documentary series has lost in natural charm and emotion, it has achieved in mastery. By continuing to alternate between everyday scenes and interviews in front of the camera, the director now allows himself to play with the editing, animated scenes and other effects, for example by finding a way to tell the summary recording of Last drink with the Neptunes without being shown on the camera.

Always fun and intimate, this second installment focuses on the long journey that led to success Civilization and reveals something fascinating: an artist’s creative processwith its ups and downs, from the elementary idea that gave birth to his project to its realization.

Orelsan - Never show this to anyone: photo“Yesterday and tomorrow are the same day, the circle is complete”


Isolated in a country house in Basse-Normandie, Orelsan believes he can take advantage of the confinement to start working on his next record in the studio he has just built behind his home. After his third album, The party is overwhich marked the end of a cycle that started with Lost in advance and a certain artistic result, the rapper has to reinvent himself and already knows what he wants to say: “Tdestroy in order to rebuild everything“.

In pajamas and slippers, he plays the songs, but the overflowing inspiration from the beginning suddenly disappears, and with it also his confidence. Irritated, he confides his worries and doubts to the camera and dare not produce anything, convinced that the result will be completely missed. The first episodes, introspective and difficult, correspond to the dejected and resigned state of mind of the artist and artist. proceed with indolence.

Orelsan - Never show this to anyone: photo“The craziest guys are often the saddest.”

As Orelsan rediscovers this fear of failure that haunted him in his early days, Clément Cotentin captures his emotional distress, his humanity, his reflections, his failed attempts and wonderfully illustrates the work of the first part through the role and importance of those who have always followed his brother. It wasn’t until Skread (his loyal producer) and Ablaye (his backer and co-founder of the 7th Magnitude label) arrived and candidly critiqued his demos that the magic happens and inspiration resumes.

Some ideas are discarded, others are reworked, and the documentary series stops at every step, every obstacle and every detail put together to create the album : chorus of The rain, inspired by a children’s song; the obvious chemistry between Orelsan and Gringe when they meet for Infinity Flowers Breakers ; losing all his notes on his Mac, which leads him to write the number Manifesto ; the chronicle about aan intergenerational hit” with Angèle left for lack of time until the final episode, which a breathless final sprint.

Orelsan - Never show this to anyone: photo“Everything will work out, it’s wrong, I know, you know”

Once again, the personalities respond and complement each other with disarming sincerity in this second installment never show it to anyone. Behind the fascinating story of a rapper in reconstruction, the documentary series revolves above all around a moving and inspiring collective, led by creativity, a sense of denial and a formidable and unfailing friendship.

Never Show This to Anyone: Part 2 is available in its entirety on Amazon Prime Video since October 13

Orelsan - Never show this to anyone: photo


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