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Over 50,000 Android apps are now available in Windows 11

If you follow Windows news in recent years, you know that Microsoft has been trying for a long time to merge several Galaxy Unix operating systems with the experience of Windows 10 and 11. It started with the launch of the WSL components ( Windows Subsystem for Linux ) that allows multiple Linux environment distributions to be installed directly into Windows without virtualization.

An undeniable advantage for developers who no longer have to share development between their IDE under Windows and one or more virtual machines to perform tests. For the general public, however, the benefits of this new approach were yet to be seen. But Microsoft has chosen to go further by making its subsystem also compatible with Android applications.

Windows 11 Moment 1 launches the Amazon AppStore and its Android apps more broadly

Therefore, it has long been expected that it will be possible to launch Android applications (including games) directly in Windows. Microsoft has been testing a solution in collaboration with Amazon for many months. This goes through a separate application store managed by Jeff Bezos’ company. The project was not available to everyone, but with Windows 11 Moment 1, Microsoft now offers to download the Amazon Appstore from the Microsoft Store on many more PCs.

To date, the Amazon Appstore provides access to no less than 50,000 Android applications, including many games. There is not everything in this catalog yet, much less complete than the Google Play Store. But then it becomes very easy to install and use Android applications without any kind of hacking. All these applications work without Google services. Which means there are a lot of omissions at the moment.

Apart from games, social networking applications or other popular applications remain absent from the Amazon AppStore. Finally, the Google Play Store should also join the application store offer on Windows 11. And it is already possible to install a version of the latter at the cost of a few hacks. Installing the Google Store is essential for many applications because the Google Play Store does much more than offer a catalog of applications.

It actually contains a number of programming interfaces (APIs) that many applications depend on, especially those that are the most popular. This is why the functionality of certain applications is likely to be limited in the absence of what is ultimately a true system component essential to the functionality of other programs.

In any case, if you have done the Moment 1 update, you can now go to the Microsoft Store and download the Amazon AppStore to enjoy your first Android applications on PC very quickly.



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