Paris “under surveillance”? Two ministers’ threat to the indebted capital

Paris under state control for economic reasons? that Daily Telegraph returns to the warnings formulated by Emmanuel Macron’s close circle for a week. A guardianship cannot be ruled out, said the transport minister, Clément Beaune, on Sunday 27 November in the recordings for Europa 1 and CNews: “There is an economic situation which is really serious and which is not, contrary to what Anne Hidalgo says, linked to Covid-19 or to the fact that the state would not take its responsibility.

These statements followed those of his colleague from Public Accounts, Gabriel Attal, who had issued strong criticism on this subject, on Wednesday 23 November on France Inter. In particular, he compared the management practiced by the mayor of Paris to a fraudulent pyramid scheme called “Ponzi”, while later qualifying that it was not possible to bring the capital under control. “not applicable” Today.

In the question, the London newspaper explains: Paris’ debt worth 7.7 billion euros. From about 1 billion euros in 2001, “Paris’ debt has doubled since Anne Hidalgo became mayor in 2014”. In November, the city’s financial situation forced it to break a campaign promise “by imposing a 50% property tax increase on Parisians to avoid bankruptcy”, explains the conservative daily newspaper.

Local elections in 2026 in sight?

The mayor, on behalf of Paris, described the attacks as “lies that undermine his honor and credibility”, and announced that he wanted to file a complaint for libel against the Minister Delegate for Public Accounts. But fundamentally it is Hidalgo’s balance that is at stake, it analysed Telegraph:

“It may well be remembered by its supporters that it has increased the number of cycle lanes and returned entire districts of the capital to pedestrians, its opponents respond that the endless construction sites create chronic traffic jams, while huge amounts of public money have been wasted on dubious projects, often mysteriously abandoned or altered, such as Velib’s bike rental system, for staggering amounts.”

For the British daily, “Paris became uglier, dirtier and more dangerous during his tenure, which would explain why the city has lost 60,000 inhabitants in the last five years..”

Finally, the daily emphasizes that the two ministers’ frontal attack also suggests that the latter “is secretly running for mayor of Paris in the municipal elections in 2026.”

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