Persona 5 Royal – Atlus signs a partnership with amazon and unveils the Launch Edition including a Steelbook – Nintendo Switch

Although not perfect, personas 5 nonetheless one of the best J-RPGs of recent years. Having shunned the Nintendo Switch so far, it’s finally the improved version Persona 5 Royal who will be available from October 21, 2022. As a reminder for those who do not know this episode, or for those who, like yours truly, did the original game when it was released in 2016, this Royal version includes its share of bonuses compared to the original game:

  • Subtitles translated into French
  • Added Kasumi Yoshizawa character,
  • A whole new semester to experience with the Phantom Thieves
  • Added Kichijoji district
  • Palaces have been reworked
  • Just like the gameplay
  • Added grappling hook and new collectibles
  • New moves for your Personae…

If the title appeals to you, or if like yours truly you want to immerse yourself in this superb adventure, the physical pre-orders of Persona 5 Royal are now open in all stores. Atlus has also signed a partnership with amazon to offer a Launch Edition containing various DLCs as well as a steelbook.


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