Phil Spencer explains why Microsoft wants to buy Activision Blizzard

In the video game industry, Microsoft’s purchase of Activision Blizzard has caused a lot of ink to flow over the past few months… and it should continue to do so for quite some time!

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In an interview in the podcast The Verge’s DecoderPhil Spencer, who heads all things video games for Microsoft, made it clear why the company went out of its way to buy Activision Blizzard.

And no, the prospect of having the franchise call of duty in its bosom is not what delights most. It is rather the desire to break into the game market on smartphones that interests Microsoft.

In fact, Microsoft’s market share will decline as mobile gaming grows and console gaming stagnates. And to conclude: “It’s important if you’re trying to manage a gaming business on a global scale to meet your customers where they want to play, and increasingly mobile is where people want to play.

The idea that Activision is only interested in Call of Duty on console is an invention that could have been created by our competitor.

As a reminder, Activision Blizzard, among others, has the game candy destruction in its catalogue. This very attractive game has gathered many players on smartphones and many then tried to copy this success.

Will this argument affect the various authorities that ensure that agreements of this type do not harm competition?

It will certainly be considered, but at the same time it will be impossible to separate the entire transaction … in which there are games such as call of duty and Overwatch who is involved!

One thing is certain, we cannot contradict Spencer on one point: it is true that Microsoft has every interest in catching up and breaking into the mobile gaming market.

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