Playmobil: avalanche of discounts to be seized at Amazon on these best-selling boxes

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Delight your children with Playmobil games to develop their imagination. Save money too! Amazon gives you up to 52% discount on 3 Playmobil sets. The first game is the Playmobil Police Station pack, which costs 59.90 euros instead of 123.99 euros at Amazon. It contains a complete and interactive police station. Experience a command center with a radio link, a police car equipped with flashing lights and sirens, a breakable wall to plan your prisoners’ escape, a sliding gate and a storage locker to store your accessories such as prisoner clothes and a box for taking fingerprints. This Playmobil promotional set is complete and is intended for children aged 5 and over. It also features Playmobil characters to make the stories more real than life.

If your kids prefer themed games, take advantage of Amazon’s latest two limited-time deals. The Playmobil Back to the Future game is inspired by the film of the same name and benefits from a 50% reduction at Amazon: it costs 39.95 euros instead of 79.34 euros. Find the famous Delorean car that travels through time, as well as 2 key characters, Marty and Doctor Emmett Brown. Einstein the dog is also included in the special Playmobil Back to the Future set. If your children are more familiar with the universe of Asterix and Obelix, you can offer them the Playmobil game Asterix, Getafix and the potion for 19.80 euros instead of 29.99 euros at Amazon. This set includes a Panoramix figure, a Roman spy and other Gallic figures busy drinking the potion.

Enter the Amazon offer here Playmobil police station game

Enter the Amazon offer here Playmobil Back to the Future game

Enter the Amazon offer here Playmobil game Asterix, Getafix and the Potion Pot

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