portrait of King Charles for future coins unveiled

This portrait appears on two coins in a special series celebrating the life of Queen Elizabeth II: one for 5 pounds sterling and another for 50 pence. They will enter circulation “in the coming months”, probably around December, the Royal Mint specifies in a press release.

The official portrait that will decorate future coins bearing the image of Charles III, the work of sculptor Martin Jennings, was designed from a photo and approved by the king. “It’s the smallest work I’ve ever created,” he comments, saying he’s moved “by the fact that it will be seen and held by so many people.”

“According to tradition, the portrait of the King looks to the left, opposite Queen Elizabeth II” on the portrait that currently adorns the coins in circulation, the Royal Mint specifies

The coins bearing the royal image will bear the inscription in Latin: “CHARLES III. DG REX. FD 5 lbs. 2022”, or “King Charles III, by the grace of God, defender of the faith” – one of the sovereign’s titles.

Two monarchs on circulating coins

The reverse of the £5 commemorative coin will feature two new portraits of Queen Elizabeth II, designed by artist John Bergdahl in collaboration with the Royal Mint.

“All British coins bearing the image of Elizabeth II will remain legal tender and in circulation. It is historically common to have coins in the likeness of different monarchs in circulation at the same time,” said the Royal Mint, which “has put royal family portraits on coins for over 1,100 years.”

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