Pre-order the top games on PS5 at the best price on Amazon (FIFA 23, Final Fantasy VII…)

The end of the year holds many good surprises for gamers, with long-awaited games finally arriving, or the return of the usual licenses for this time of year. Amazon is always the champion when it comes to bringing you PS5 games for pre-order, and two upcoming games are already top sellers.

The game Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII Reunion: an Amazon exclusive edition at 59.99 euros

You can already pre-order Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII Reunion PS5 Amazon Exclusive Edition for only 59.99 euros. The game is due out on December 13, 2022, and Amazon guarantees you release-day delivery. And by pre-ordering now, you benefit from the lowest price between the time of your purchase and the game’s release. In addition, this Amazon Exclusive Edition offers you two bonuses: a Legacy of the Heroes steelbook, and a set of 3 Materia, the Soldier Materia. This remaster of Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII brings you completely reworked HD graphics, as well as a remastered soundtrack and a revamped interface.

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The FIFA 23 Standard game on PS5 at 60.99 euros

Also available for pre-order, for release on September 30, 2022, is FIFA 23 Standard on PS5, at 60.99 euros instead of 79.99 euros. This is the 2023 opus of the famous football game, which fans await every return to school. If you pre-order now on Amazon, you’ll enjoy various pre-order bonuses, such as the possibility to play in the FIFA Women’s and Men’s World Cups at no additional cost, Kylian Mbappé on loan for 5 FUT matches, and other players in ready.

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