‘Prince George will never be king’: An expert analyzes the future of the British royal family

Since last September, Britain has had a new monarch, King Charles III, son of Elizabeth II. His coronation will not take place until May 6, 2023.

Barely arrived at the throne, the king of England already hears about his inheritance. This change at the head of the country, promulgates Prince William as “Prince of Wales” and now becomes the heir to the throne. His eldest son, Prince George, will succeed his father.

However, according to Hilary Mantel, a royal expert, Prince George will not take the throne. She is convinced that George’s father will be the last monarch in British history.

It was in an interview with our colleagues from the Times that the author explained why Prince George will never be the head of his country. “It is very difficult to understand what will become of the monarchy in the modern world when these people are regarded as mere celebrities.”

According to the expert, the dynasty will end with William as the last occupant of the throne.

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