Prince Harry is to be stripped of his royal titles for 44% of Britons


According to a poll, 23% believe that they have a degraded image of Harry and Meghan after the broadcast of their documentary on Netflix

It is clear that the documentary “Harry and Meghan”, which was broadcast in December on Netflix, did not have the desired effect on the British. According to a YouGov survey, 44% of respondents believe that Prince Harry should be stripped of his titles. 32%, on the contrary, think he should keep them.

In the six episodes of their documentary, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have overwhelmed the British tabloids for their treatment of the young woman. But the couple also targeted Buckingham Palace and Prince William to justify their resounding departure from the monarchy in 2020.

A degraded image of the couple

According to the results of the survey, disclosed by the British newspaper “Times”, the documentary appears to have benefited William and Kate. 44% of Britons polled by the YouGov institute say they have sympathy for them. A figure that drops to 17% for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. 23% even believe that they have a diminished image of Harry and Meghan after the documentary aired.

It remains to be seen how Britain will receive Prince Harry’s memoir. This book, titled “The Substitute” and advertised without a filter, is likely to cause a stir a few months before the coronation of his father Charles, on May 6.

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