PS Plus on Xbox – Microsoft didn’t want Sony’s offer

PS Plus on Xbox? Game Pass on PS5? All of this really could have been possible if Sony and Microsoft had agreed.

Hamburg – It sounds too crazy to be true, but that’s what seems to have happened. Sony has reportedly made a serious attempt to bring its premium PS Plus service to the Xbox. Oddly enough, the project failed due to Microsoft not wanting to approve PS Plus on its console… and then trying to bring Xbox Game Pass to the PS5 in turn.

Service name PS Plus (PlayStation Plus)
Monthly expense 8.99 euros
Selling Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE)
Advantage 2 free games per month, access to PS4/5 online multiplayer, exclusive PlayStation Store discounts, 100GB online storage
Active memberships 48 million users* (as of December 2021)

PS Plus on Xbox and Game Pass on PS5 – It would have been possible

How do we know about Sony’s plans for PS Plus for Xbox? Amazon’s takeover of Activision Blizzard is currently being reviewed by the UK’s market regulator (CMA). The authority must determine whether this mega-deal of 68 billion dollars is really legal. As part of this review, gamers have already learned about Sony’s plans for the PS6 release. For the lawsuit, Sony has released a partially redacted document that also provides information about the errant PS Plus plan.

Did Sony seriously want to launch PS Plus on Xbox? It seems that Sony’s report indicates that Microsoft would not allow PS Plus on Xbox, which means that there have been attempts to do so. At the same time, Microsoft has also reportedly offered to bring Xbox Game Pass to the PS5. If that had been the case, Game Pass exclusive games might even have been offered on PlayStation.

Xbox Series X with the PS Plus logo

It’s interesting in context because Microsoft seems to have been trying to protect itself from accusations of monopolization after the deal with Activision Blizzard. Microsoft’s argument states that by integrating Xbox Game Pass, Sony was making an attempt to retain the coveted Call of Duty series, which is much of the subject of the CMA case, but which Sony rejected. Here’s what Microsoft says in its official response:

There is no reason to believe that buying the Call of Duty series would push subscribers to Xbox’s services. Sony has decided to block Game Pass on PlayStation, so it is not available on PlayStation.

We therefore know that so far there has been no agreement between Microsoft and Sony – neither party has an interest in letting the competitor settle on its platform, whether it is Xbox or PS5.

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