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Let’s face it, there weren’t many last-gen consoles under the Christmas tree last year, and again this year it’s the same way. For those wondering how to buy a Sony Playstation 5 console for the holiday season, Amazon has introduced a foolproof system to simplify your life with the option to buy it by invitation as soon as the latter is new in stock. On the other hand, do not look at the other offers, some offer exorbitant prices to acquire the PS5. So will there still be enough PlayStation 5 consoles in stock and can you expect to buy one for Christmas?

Is the PS5 sold out for Christmas?

It’s no secret. The shortage of chips that affects the entire electronics industry and the delays in the manufacture of consoles cause the stocks to remain quiet and always below the strong demand. And just like last year, it is one of the consoles that will be eagerly awaited under the Christmas tree, the PlayStation 5 with Xbox Series X will undoubtedly be the essential gift for many gamers. Assuming you find one in stock by December 24th at the latest.


Sony’s PlayStation console back in stock by invitation

Since demand is always greater than supply, Amazon’s merchant site has created an offer to satisfy the largest number: Sales by invitation. The e-commerce site explains this way of doing things by saying that it is an item that is in high demand and that there are more than limited quantities available. You can also read there that ” In order for as many genuine customers as possible to purchase this highly sought after item, we are selling it by invitation “.

To make it simple, simply go to the page on the merchant website regarding ” PlayStation 5 Standard Edition, with 1 DualSense wireless controller » and then click the «Request an invitation» button. Once your invitation request has been accepted, your account will be verified. Remember that the invitation depends on several factors, so we cannot predict the waiting time. If you are invited and the product is available, you will receive an email with a link that is valid for 72 hours. After this time it will be too late to place an order. Keep in mind that given the strong enthusiasm for Sony’s console, not all requests will be accommodated.

When PS5 prices exceed understanding!

To complete this overview, once your reservation is made, you can discover prices that are wilder than each other. Thus, on the merchant side, you can immediately buy a PS5 console from 800 euros new, while the normal price is 549.99 euros. And if you really, really want to treat yourself, then you can pay up to 1,117 euros with a delivery of 2.79 euros. At this price, it’s clear that the console will remain a museum piece under glass. But shall we not say that when we love, we do not count.

(Illustration: Recording of the page regarding the reservation after invitation from ” PlayStation 5 Standard Edition, with 1 DualSense wireless controller »)


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