PS5: Microsoft admits to having lost the console war with its Xbox!

While the console war still rages, Microsoft has recognized rival Sony and its PS5 as the market leaders.

This is a surprising statement! For the European Commission, Microsoft has acknowledged that its rival Sony and its PS5 are the market leaders. MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z!

PS5 is a hit

Since its release in November 2020, Sony’s PS5 is selling very well. In fact, the console has already gone for 2 more years more than 25 million copies in the world.

However, this symbolic course was far from safe for the home console. In fact, the last born of the Playstations had to face shortage during the Covid 19 pandemic !

For almost 2 years PS5 has been very often out of stock. To the point of reselling at exorbitant prices on certain sites!

On top of that, Sony was also forced toincrease the price of its console due to inflation important. For example, in Europe, the version with an optical Blu-ray drive went from €499.99 to €549.99!

For its part, the digital version (Digital Edition) of the PS5 has gone from €399.99 to €449.99. A very sharp price increase so!

Despite these difficulties, The Sony console has seduced the gamers and found its cruising speed. The console is thus on its way to becoming as much a hit as previous models of Playstation !

Above all, while the console war still rages, The PS5 overtakes its direct competitor, Microsoft’s Xbox series. So much so that the American giant recently acknowledged the superiority of its Japanese rival… MCE TV tells you more!

Does Microsoft admit defeat?

Faced with the very good sales of Sony’s PS5, Microsoft is well below. In fact, the X and S models of its Xbox line sold for approximately 18 million copies.

This was already the case on previous generations of consolesfrom PS2 towards the first Xbox to PS4 and Xbox One.

Last August, Microsoft had thus recognized its defeat to the manufacturer of the PS5: “Sony has overtaken Microsoft in terms of console sales and installed base. In fact, Sony has sold more than twice as many PS4s (as Xbox One) over the last generation”.

While Microsoft announced a few months ago the purchase of the Activision-Blizzard studio, The European Commission has launched an investigation. The institution fears that this upcoming takeover will harm competition in the video game market!

facing the body, the American giant would reassure everyone. And this, until it was declared that the manufacturer of the PS5 was in the front!

“Sony is the market leader”, Microsoft acknowledged. A surprising statement that still needs to be put into perspective. Indeed, Microsoft has every interest in holding this kind of discourse with the European Commission. Oh yes!

Take effect, the institution must make its decision regarding the acquisition of Activision-Blizzard by March 23, 2023. It is therefore better for Microsoft to keep a low profile until then… To better defeat its rival in the coming years? The future will tell!

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