PS5 vs Xbox: Sony offered PlayStation Plus to Microsoft but denied Game Pass on its consoles

business news PS5 vs Xbox: Sony offered PlayStation Plus to Microsoft but denied Game Pass on its consoles

Also in connection with Microsoft’s takeover of Activision-Blizzard, new interesting information emerges from the various files. In this case, it is Sony that reveals some crisp details.

It’s a good war

Before Microsoft can buy Activision-Blizzard, the American giant must have the green light from the various regulatory authorities. necessarily sony – who formally oppose this merger, especially for fear of a growing Game Pass, which could then give itself Call of Duty – is trying everything to prevent the acquisition.

It is therefore to convince the British CMA that the Japanese company has published a file with some anecdotes of size. As a reminder, Microsoft revealed some time ago that Sony had rejected their proposal to bring Xbox Game Pass to PS4 and PS5.and then pushes back the ability to see Microsoft exclusives on its machines.

Here, Sony has just admitted … that Microsoft had done the same on its side, denying PlayStation Plus on Xbox machines.

mirror mirror

It is therefore in the file sent to the CMA that we can read, in black and white, that Sony has apparently offered to put PlayStation Plus on Xbox platforms.

Microsoft’s position that the availability of Game Pass on PlayStation would be compensation for the damages caused by the acquisition (by Activision-Blizzard, editor’s note) is particularly hollow, since Microsoft does not allow the availability of PlayStation Plus on Xbox.

Just as Microsoft wanted to put its Game Pass on the PlayStation, without success, Sony would therefore have offered the same with its PS Plus on the Xbox… also without success. A real showdown between the two competitors that lasts and lasts, where the takeover of the American publisher constantly serves as fuel for the fire.

As a reminder, if all goes well, the merger between Activision-Blizzard and Microsoft should take effect in early 2023.

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