Queen Consort Camilla’s coat of arms has been revealed

After the King of England’s coat of arms, here is that of the Queen Consort. Camilla, the wife of Charles III, now has her regalia in a monogram, which Buckingham unveiled with great fanfare.

The design was created by Ewan Clayton. It has a gold and red jeweled crown with the initials C and R, for Camilla Regina, the Latin word for queen.

The symbol will initially be used on the cross that the Queen Consort places on the Memorial Field. This is an event that takes place every year at Westminster Abbey and honors soldiers who have died in service. It will also adorn Camilla’s stationery, as well as official gifts and greeting cards.

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The coat of arms of King Charles III, already in use since September, was to eventually replace his mother, Elizabeth II, on letterboxes in the United Kingdom. But as the BBC points out, there is little chance that the 70,000 mailboxes will be replaced in the near future. 60% date from the reign of the monarch’s mother, but some are even older and have not been replaced since George V and VII, Edward VII or even Queen Victoria (who died over a century ago, in 1901)!

Charles III will be crowned on 6 May 2023 in a ceremony expected to be watched by hundreds of millions around the world.

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