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Rare video of Falcon 9 rocket launch released by company

This is an unusual video that SpaceX released on Sunday. On YouTube, Internet users were able to witness the launch of a Falcon 9 rocket until its fairing fell, reports Numerama.

The fairing is a two-part element that protects the machine’s payload against friction and turbulence. Typically this payload is a satellite. Since 2020, billionaire Elon Musk’s company has been able to fully recycle this headgear, which can then be reused for other space missions.

A very economic recovery

This recovery represents a significant advantage for SpaceX, as the fairing has an estimated production cost of nearly six million dollars, or 10% of the launch price, specifies Numerama. The company, which has built its fame on this recycling of essential elements, generally shows the recycling of pieces that fall back to Earth.

SpaceX has developed two techniques to recover the famous rocket cladding. The first consists of stretching a net over a boat to recover the two parts of the fairing that are slowed down by a parachute. The second is simpler as it simply consists of recovering the two pieces that have fallen into the water before they sink.



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