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At its Microsoft Ignite 2022 event, the company is announcing new features for Outlook aimed at facilitating hybrid work.

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A new feature on Outlook allows you to show your workplace. © Microsoft

During its annual conference, Microsoft Ignite, the company announced several new features on Outlook that will be available by the end of 2022. Microsoft’s stated goal: to help users stay connected and organized in hybrid work. 5 major new features have been announced.

1. Display of working hours and locations

a feature that allows specifying its schedules as well as its place of work. Employees thus have a precise overview of everyone’s schedule, in order to optimize the organization of meetings. If the unexpected happens, users can easily change their location for that day only through Microsoft Teams (desktop or mobile) as well as the desktop version of Outlook (see image of one).

2. Easy access to meeting summary

Microsoft wants to allow users to easily find information related to a meeting and access the recording of it directly from the event in the Outlook calendar.

3. Scheduling the sending of an email

Outlook will add an option to schedule a message for a later date to facilitate communication for users in different time zones, while respecting collaborators’ working hours.

4. Feedback for messages

It will soon be possible to access reactions to emails in Outlook, similar to those available on platforms like Microsoft Teams and other messaging apps.

5. Contextual suggestions for emails

Outlook will take advantage of Context IQ, a set of AI experiences integrated into Microsoft 365. By simply using the “@” mention, the Microsoft Editor writing assistant will be able to suggest relevant people and files based on information that found in an email.

Other new features related to Microsoft Outlook

During the Microsoft Ignite 2022 conference, the company also made other feature announcements related to its messaging service:

  • Microsoft Outlook for Mac supports focus mode and related filters available on Apple computers to provide users with distraction-free sessions. It will be possible to configure specific settings for a profile in Outlook for Mac.
  • A new type of Loop component, called Q&A, will allow users to collect answers to questions in real time. Currently in preview in Outlook on the web, it should be available in November 2022.



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