Real estate: 4 questions for Sébastien Jaussein to understand the role of the insured expert

1. What is an adjustment device?

Unlike a company adjuster who is there to validate a claim, the insured’s adjuster is there to prepare for the claim. When an insurance company appoints an expert, it is always up to the injured party to prepare his case and claim the amount of his loss from the insurance company. We therefore only intervene on behalf of the victims in larger claims, such as fires or natural disasters. For example, we accompanied the victims of the floods that occurred in the Cannes basin in 2015, or those affected by the storm Alex in 2020. When the hinterland of Nice suffered this unprecedented damage, we intervened by helicopter to help the victims so soon as possible. Proximity is one of our most important values.

2. How does it accompany the disaster victims?

In general, the insured has a contract with an insurance company, which appoints its adjuster to manage the case, this is the company adjuster. The victim has the right to be supported by an expert of his choice who will intervene with him to defend his interests. This is the insured adjustment role. This balances skills and allows for expert-to-expert dialogue. Our task is to obtain the right compensation commensurate with the policy drawn up, with complete objectivity and complete neutrality. In these steps, we support the insured from the first day of the damage to acceptance of the repair work. Indeed, we have the specialty of helping disaster victims in their procedures and supporting them until the reconstruction of their property, regardless of whether it is damaged or destroyed.

3. How has the subject developed in recent years?

In 1992, when my father established the company Jaussein Expertise, he quickly proposed the coordination and project management of the restoration work, and again contributed to helping the victim when the companies’ agreements were reached. To support these services, we have introduced innovative technical means, such as 360-degree cameras that, for example, make it possible to “freeze” the damage at a given moment or a real 3D scanner that allows us to go further thanks to the modeling and use of collected data. Expertise is therefore becoming more and more precise. It is the same for the energy data, which makes it possible to have dynamic thermal models. We have even developed a system for exchanging documents and secure data between colleagues, which makes us more responsive. This also allows policyholders to have full visibility over their files. A guarantee of transparency and security.

In 1996, a new step was taken for us with the realization of asbestos diagnosis, which was requested from the curators of their co-ownerships. This type of diagnosis then spread around lead, electrical or gas installations, Carrez law or even parasitic conditions. Energy monitoring is still an important aspect of the company’s activity today. The company has therefore hired a thermal expert to respond to legal requirements, which are constantly changing and which require an ever higher level of technical expertise. There is now a thermal examination duty in the Global Technical Diagnostics that condominiums must perform. Not to mention the mandatory multi-year work plans, on which you cannot improvise in order to list and prioritize the work. This detailed planning of the collective works to be carried out within a joint property, spread over 10 years, must be carried out while achieving an improvement in energy performance, with levels set by law.

4. What is the added value of Jaussein Expertise?

Today, our strength is having global and tailored expertise: expertise, coordination, diagnostics and audits. So many options and solutions within the same company. We are able to support disaster victims in their procedures from A to Z (emergency measures, expertise, mandatory diagnoses, coordination and project management), but also to carry out both traditional diagnoses or more specific ones such as diagnostics before work or demolition, searches for legionella, lead in water or even thermal and energy studies.

To celebrate the 30th anniversary of Jaussein Expertise, we wanted to create an event to mark the loyalty of both our clients and the profession that has accompanied us for so long. All the actors of the expertise and the building, that is to say more than 300 professionals, responded to be present on the evening of October 21, which we arrange for the occasion. It is a huge sign of trust that so many customers and professionals from the area have made themselves available to celebrate this anniversary together.


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