Reforms of pensions and unemployment insurance… In the Loiret, the Force Ouvrière is preparing to fight again

We will fight to ensure that this government project does not come to an end. If it is the mother of its reforms, then it will be the mother of our struggles”, insists Patricia Drevon. the reform of unemployment insurance, compensation and contractualization, it is no.

“We reject it totally because it will make the unemployed more precarious and does not respond to the problem of the attractiveness of the occupations.” The same applies to the pension reform, extension of the contribution period, raising the retirement age : “We are opposed to everything in this project.”

Already in 2019, the Loiret trade unions were prepared against the pension reform

So, on December 5, Force Ouvrière participates in an interunion with a view to deciding on a mobilization and the possibility of calling a strike in January.


With the election of staff representatives in the public service looming on December 8, the union hopes that these employees will “massively” speak out in favor.

Maude Milekovic


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