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Rishi Sunak and Boris Johnson, the duel or the alliance?

The race to succeed Liz Truss is on and “We will discover our destiny as a nation no later than Monday at 2pm”announces a columnist The independent. The main condition in his eyes: that Boris Johnson does not officially declare himself a candidate and that he renounces, as he has done in the past when he “ran the risk of being humiliated”.

However, the former prime minister, who was pushed out this summer, could return. “A spiky blonde hair in a blurry photo taken from the back of a plane and suddenly the hypothesis of a new Johnson era becomes very real”is surprised SkyNews. It is extraordinary that the name Boris Johnson dominates this race.”adds to the chain and makes an implacable observation: “Love him or hate him, we can’t stop talking about him”.

Johnson left the Caribbean, where he was on a family holiday, to return to London as his party grapples with the mere 44-day term his successor served at 10 Downing Street. A comeback would be unlikely, insists Politics Europe. No former Prime Minister has been reinstated since Harold Wilson in 1974, and he was Labour. For a curator, it is necessary to go back to the twenties, the site states.

This is a pebble in the shoe of Rishi Sunak, the current favourite, thanks in part to his fiscal conservatism. He also signs a surprise return six weeks after being beaten by Mrs Truss.

Risk of splitting

“They were once close allies, two Brexiteers at the top of the government to guide Britain through the pandemic. Then they became bitter enemies when the apprentice stabbed his master in the back”abstract Political. The resignation of Sunak, who was appointed by Johnson to the strategic treasury, is seen as the trigger for the crisis that led to the end of the former mayor of London.

Six weeks of chaos in Downing Street

September 6 – Conservative activists choose Liz Truss to succeed Boris Johnson at the head of the party and therefore of the government.

September 23 – Finance Minister Kwasi Kwarteng promises £45 billion in tax cuts and frees up £60 billion to fight the energy crisis. All financed by debt. The markets are panicking, the pound is collapsing, interest rates are skyrocketing.

October 14 – To calm still jittery investors, Liz Truss steps down from Kwasi Kwarteng, replaced by Jeremy Hunt.

October 17 – Jeremy Hunt is overturning almost all the tax cuts introduced by his predecessor. “‘Trussonomics’ is dead”, beats the conservative weekly The spectator. “Hunt is in charge now,” Note Financial Times.

International mail

“Let’s not forget that as we speak there is only one official candidate: Penny Mordaunt”Remember sky news. She mustered more than 100 supporters among her party’s MPs, but her campaign lost momentum on Saturday, estimates Telegraph.

According to Sun, Mr. Sunak should join it in the coming hours, having secured the support of 121 MPs. He even managed one “big hit”states tabloid, persuasive “the three big chunks that cover all major party factions”. Lord David Frost, however a former close friend of Johnson, David Davis, supporter of Penny Mordaunt during the previous vote, and especially Kemi Badenoch, described as “very popular with right-wing conservatives” talk Sun. Sundak, criticized two months ago for his “gloomy” and his wife’s enormous fortune saw his predictions confirmed. He had warned that the promises of tax cuts by Liz Truss would hamper the UK economy in the current inflationary context.

Everything still has time to change. that Times reports that Boris Johnson would not necessarily have the 100 MPs he needs to be a candidate. “He is making desperate phone calls to convince supporters who have advocated for rivals to vote for him”mean everyday life.

Hence the existence according to Telegram, negotiations between his camp and Sunak. The absence of an agreement between the two men would raise fears of a split in the party with one “significant numbers of parliamentarians on both sides who would refuse to accept the leadership of the rival candidate”.

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