Rishi Sunak sets the tone for his first face-off with the opposition in Parliament

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The new leader of the British government chaired his first council of ministers on Wednesday morning, before facing the opposition for the weekly session of questions to the prime minister.

With our correspondent in London, Emeline wine

There was so much enthusiasm on the Conservative benches then Rishi Sunak that the department chairman exclaimed: Don’t break the furniture! But from the start, opposition leader Keir Starmer condemned the appointment of Suella Braverman to the Home Office, who had resigned a week earlier for breaching the security code.

On the steps of Downing Street yesterday, the Prime Minister pledged integrity, professionalism and accountability. And right after that he appointed a home secretary who had been fired a week earlier because she knowingly circulated classified information using a personal account. “Launched the leader of the Labor Party. ” The Home Secretary made an error of judgement, but she admitted it and made it known. She admitted her mistake! “, replied Rishi Sunak.

Among the few questions about his program, Rishi Sunak indicated that he would not reauthorize hydraulic fracturing. Above all, he had to answer for his promises of “compassion” when he enjoys a fortune of more than 800 million euros. ” My journey shows that: when times are hard, in this country, I will always protect the most vulnerable. It is one of the values ​​of our party, full of compassion. We did it during Covid and would do it again “Assured the new Prime Minister.

In a relaxed atmosphere seen for months in Westminster, Rishi Sunak smiled, much more comfortable than during his speech on Tuesday. He promised a government of talents and skills.

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