Sergei Kirienko, trusted man in Russia and annexation architect

The well-groomed, bespectacled man sitting in the front row of the ceremony in the Kremlin indulges in a smile. So far the war has served him well, but the moment is no less remarkable. Vladimir Putin has just proclaimed the annexation of four occupied regions of Ukraine, justified by fake referendums.

“Russia! Russia! Russia!” sang Putin and regional leaders during the event in September. For 60-year-old Sergueï Kirienko, it is the culmination of a mission that Putin has entrusted to him. Everyone cheers and he played a crucial role in Russia’s expansion.

“Kirienko was responsible for the referendums in these regions, although in the end it was the FSB that controlled them”, explains Tatiana Stanovaïa, head of the consulting firm specializing in Russia R.Politik.

Former defender of Western liberalism

And now Kyrylo Budanov, Ukraine’s military intelligence chief, suggests, perhaps jokingly, that Putin is even considering making the stalwart Kirienko his successor. Nobody knows the succession plans of the paranoid Putin, but the Russian president trusts Kirienko, whose philosophical journey has taken him from defending Western liberalism in the 1990s to promoting Putin’s authoritarianism these days.

Technocrat, disciple of the founder of the methodological circle in Moscow, which propagates the idea that people and society can be programmed, Kirienko had to count on the support of Russians who were stronger than him to carry out his career.

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