Should you choose Netflix or Amazon Prime Video?

In the third quarter, Netflix had 223 million subscribers. As for Amazon Prime Video, the latest numbers are from 2021 and reported 200 million. These two SVoD services are undoubtedly the most popular subscription video streaming platforms in the world. But which of the two should you choose? You will see that the question is not so obvious to decide. Netflix vs Amazon Prime Video, it’s the battle of the bosses.

Why should you choose Netflix?

When you choose to subscribe to a streaming video service, the catalog is a decisive criterion along with the price. Exactly with more than 6500 titles, the Netflix catalog is the most comprehensive of all SVoD platforms. Netflix is ​​House of Cards, Stranger Things, La Casa de Papel, Narcos, Breaking Bad… In short, Netflix is some of the best series ever, and so much more, as its catalog is endlessly rich. Let’s agree. Not all content is great. But there is good, very good, and above all there is something for everyone and even for children. So if you are looking for a subscription to one streaming video platform for the whole familyNetflix will suit you perfectly.

In addition, there are four Netflix subscriptions with a top price from €5.99/month. But it will be necessary to accept to have publicity. If you don’t want to have one, you have the choice between three formulas, at 8.99€/month, 13.49€/month and 17.99€/month, with a price that changes according to the quality and number of images of simultaneous screens.

Why should you choose Amazon Prime Video?

With just under 4,000 titles, the Amazon Prime Video catalog is very rich. But that has nothing to do with Netflix. With the notable exception of the Lord of the Rings series, people have a harder time identifying content produced or offered by Amazon Prime Video. The Amazon Prime Video catalog is quality, everyone recognizes it, but it is less flashy and does not have the same fame as Netflix.

If people subscribe to Amazon Prime Video, it’s mainly thanks to the price, just €6.99/month or €69.90/year, with 30 day free trial. Subscribing to Amazon Prime Video is therefore cheaper than a Nettlix subscription. And this is not the only one of its advantages.

With Amazon Prime Video, you automatically have three screens at the same time and 4K UHD quality when you have to take the most expensive package to enjoy it on Netflix. The Prime Video subscription is also just one of the services included in the Amazon Prime program. For only €6.99/month you actually benefit too all other benefits of the Amazon Prime program, namely expedited delivery, Amazon Prime Music, Amazon Photos, or even Prime Reading. Finally, and football fans will be delighted, a subscription to Amazon Prime Video gives access to the Le Pass Ligue 1 channel. But with the Le Pass Ligue channel, you can watch 80% of the matches in the French football championship.

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