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Should you take out a Belgian Amazon Prime subscription?

Cheaper streaming

Remember: in September the monthly subscription to Amazon Prime (from went from 5.99 to €6.99while its version yearly climbed from 49 to €69.90, who had the gift of annoying more than one. Especially Amazon followers who primarily use this subscription to watch Prime Video.


premium subscription

The Prime subscription is at least half the price of that offered by

Fortunately for them, it turned out that it was possible to continue to access this content by subscribing to Prime via for 2.99 euros/month. Now this is also the case via the Prime subscription with Belgian sauce. For those who prefer an annual subscription, this costs only 25 euros per year.

Therefore, what does the Belgian Prime subscriber lose? Little! Unlike the French subscriber, he will no longer have free access to borrow hundreds of e-bookss (Prime Reading), nor to Amazon Music’s 2 million music titles. That said, even with a French subscription, the Belgians have never had access to it.

On the other hand, like the French Prime subscription, the Belgian subscription allows you to take advantage (Besides by Prime Video) by Prime Gaming and one unlimited photo storage capacity through Amazon Photos.

If you want it, you can transfer your existing subscription by clicking on “Try Prime Free” from Amazon Belgium. Your French subscription will be canceled and you will receive a refund.

Free delivery

But”the main interest of the Prime subscription remains unlimited fast and free delivery“, according to Amazon Belgium.

That’s all well and good, such a promise, but it’s not always true, according to the “small print” of the terms of delivery.

Specifically, delivery charges are free for Prime subscribers when orders are fulfilled by Amazon. If you have ordered a product through its marketplacePrime subscriber or not, delivery costs may apply. “But many sellers are already offering free shipping right now“, reassures the American giant of e-commerce.

… and fast?

If you are not in a hurry (and you can wait up to 4 business days before you receive your order), please know thatAmazon delivery is free (without Prime subscription) for all orders over 20 eurosprovided it does not contain a French-language book.

If this is the case, Amazon will charge you an additional 2.49 euros per order (the price of standard delivery for orders under 20 euros). “Belgian legislation as regards the price of French-language books commits us to invoice you for the delivery costs of any order containing one or more French-language books“, justifies Amazon.

Never hesitate to compare the price of the same product from different Amazon platforms.

You can avoid this €2.49 fee with your Prime subscription or when ordering your French books from For example, the recipe book Simple (French edition) by chef Yotam Ottolenghi costs 38 euros, both on and… but if you order from the Belgian platform (and without a Prime subscription), it will be a delivery fee of 2.49 euros.

This is an opportunity to remember itnever hesitate to compare the price of the same product from different Amazon platformsbecause it sometimes happens that the same product is cheaper when sent from Germany than from France and vice versa.


Also take the trouble to see what the competition has to offer. Signs such as Cool Blue, Krëfel or Media Markt also offer free delivery (without subscription) and in one working day on a whole range of products also sold by Amazon.

But if you like the subscription concept, there is too The Select offer at With the help of 11.99 euros/yearthis Dutch e-commerce platform (available in French) offers to deliver several million items for free (see comparison table) on the same day, in the evening and even on Sundays.

But like on Amazon, if you choose a product that is not sent directly by, Shipping costs still applyeven for selected members.



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