Silent Hill 2 Remake Will Never Be Released On Xbox… According To Microsoft! – Tests and news

Announced last October as a temporary exclusive on PlayStation, we had high hopes to see Silent Hill 2 Remake land on Xbox twelve months after the game’s release. However, according to Microsoft, unfortunately this will not be the case, as Sony has signed, with Konami and Bloober Team, a clause preventing the arrival of the title on our consoles.

Next month will be the first anniversary of the announcement of Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision-Blizzard-King. And still, the agreement is still far from complete. Indeed, the two giants have to go through a host of bodies responsible for verifying a possible anti-competitive aspect of this deal. A normal protocol that can sometimes ask the various actors to justify their good intentions.

It is in this context that Microsoft sent a letter to the Federal Trade Commission based in Washington. A document that made it possible to discover the nature of certain agreements between Sony and third-party publishers in the video game market. A strategy with shared exclusives in the middle, but which sometimes remains opaque to the players, as seen in the case of Final Fantasy VII Remake.

But it is another remake that we are talking about today, since the letter revealed by Microsoft discusses Silent Hill 2 Remake. Without further ado, the American manufacturer confirms it its Japanese counterpart “blocks” the arrival of several titles on Xbox consoles. This is the case of Final Fantasy XVI, whose rumors had already given us the fleas in our ears a few months ago, but also of the remake of the Konami game, which is currently in development within the Bloober Team.

Information we would have liked to have gotten as soon as the game was announced, especially since the announcement trailer explained to us that the game would be released on PC at the same time as the PlayStation 5 version, and that other media would likely welcome the title after a Twelve months of temporary console exclusivity. In all likelihood, Xbox consoles are not affected by this notice.

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