Snapchat is finally coming to the Microsoft Store

The most experienced users of our website will remember the Snapchat soap opera. The popular social network has always been a headache for Microsoft. In the past, Snapchat has seemingly done everything but support Windows Phones or Windows Phones. Even going so far as to manufacture augmented reality glasses, but all that is changing today. Snapchat is in the Microsoft Store starting this month.

Snapchat is coming to the Microsoft Store as a PWA

For years, the absence of Snapchat on now-defunct Windows smartphones has been a constant topic of discussion in the community. Long after the entire Windows Mobile platform was shut down by Microsoft, Snapchat is finally making its way to the Microsoft Store as a Progressive Web App, or PWA.

What does this indicate? The app is built on the web version of Snapchat, which launched a few months ago, and is powered by Chromium-based Microsoft Edge. This indicates an installation size of 1.4 MB and ensures that Snapchat is always up to date and has exactly the same features as the web version. Since it runs through Microsoft Edge, Windows will still treat it as a native app, including an app icon in the Start menu, notification support, and more.

Of course, you’ll need a PC running Windows 10 or Windows 11. Snapchat’s rejection of Windows Phones may have contributed in part to the platform’s demise. But now it’s too late for an app to revive the phones that now sit comfortably in drawers around the world. Now, instead of trying to force developers to support their mobile platforms, Microsoft is taking on Google and Apple by creating its own mobile app store.

If you want to read your Snapchat messages or stories from your favorite Windows device, or take photos for Snapchat on your computer. You can download the Snapchat PWA for free from the Microsoft Store right now.

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