SpaceX Dragon refuels the ISS station

SpaceX’s 25th cargo mission has just docked with the International Space Station. She is carrying out a mission to supply scientific equipment and food for astronauts in orbit.

On July 14, SpaceX’s CRS-25 Cargo Dragon capsule lifted off from NASA’s Complex 39A located at Kennedy Space Center in Florida. She finally reached the ISS on July 16. The latter orbits at low altitude at a speed of 7.66 kilometers per second.

SpaceX supplies the ISS – Credit: Spaceflightnow

The final docking procedure for the unmanned capsule was overseen by two of the NASA members living on the space station: Bob Hines and Jessica Watkins. A number of spectacular photographs of the final approach phase have been captured. NASASpaceFlight’s Chris Bergin shared on Twitter a splendid time lapse of the capsule approaching the ISS against a background of orbital sunrises. Indeed, we can witness an average of 16 orbital sunrises and sunsets per 24-hour period.

Elon Musk’s company continues to chain successful launches. This mission therefore constitutes the 25th ISS resupply trip by SpaceX and the third use of the Dragon cargo vehicle.

The capsule, which including fresh food and additional science experiments, will remain connected to the station for one month. On its return, it will carry the results of experiments and scientific research carried out on board the ISS.

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Fruits, fresh vegetables and condiments: delivery of foodstuffs at gold prices in space

Among the food supplies that SpaceX delivers to the orbital station are fresh produce such as fruits and vegetables. These perishable foodstuffs are an invaluable luxury in the eyes of astronauts. Their daily diet consists of pre-cooked and packaged rations for optimal preservation.

According to SpaceFlightNow, the food received by the crew includes apples, oranges, cherry tomatoes, onions, baby carrots, garlic, tahini, cheese and dry sausages. It should be noted that astronauts are also very demanding of herbs and condiments to make their food rations less bland and more attractive. The objective is to avoid loss of appetite which could accentuate their loss of body mass.

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