SpaceX has already completed more than 20 layoffs for Starlink in 2022

The year is busy for SpaceX: the company plans 52 launches in 2022. 33 have already been carried out, including more than 20 in favor of Starlink.

No summer break for SpaceX in 2022. The American company continues its launches throughout the summer to transport satellites, supply cargo ships in favor of the ISS or astronauts. another shot is also planned the night between August 9 and 10. It will be a shipment to benefit Starlink, its constellation of satellites for the Internet.

Liftoff will take place from Florida, from Launch Complex 39 at the Cape Canaveral base. 52 satellites are in the fairing of the Falcon 9 rocket. The launch is scheduled for 18:57 local time, which will give a schedule of 12:57 in mainland France. As always with SpaceX, it will be possible to follow the launch live.

52 shots planned for 2022

Launch of a Falcon 9. // Source: SpaceX

This mission couldn’t be more routine for SpaceX, which has been sending Starlink satellites into space for four years now at an increasingly sustained pace. In addition, the American company, which was founded twenty years ago, already by the year 2022 has already completed more than 20 shots on behalf of its Internet service. It is currently the 21st.

This remarkable installment, while we are only in the middle of the year, is made possible on the one hand because the American company has access to different launch areas, on the West Coast (Vandenberg) and on the East Coast (Cape Canaveral), and on the other hand, because it also recovers the central part of its launchers, which it can then reuse on many occasions.

More broadly, SpaceX has globally performed 33 launches in 2022 alone. The most recent benefited Danuri, Korea’s first space probe to the Moon. Starlink’s benefit shot in early August will be the 34th. At the beginning of the year, the company announced a busy program this year with 52 shots planned. This corresponds to one per week.

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