SpaceX has deployed 47 new satellites

The Starlink constellation continues to grow. This Thursday, SpaceX added 47 new satellites using the Falcon 9 launcher number B1060 which took off in the morning from the Cape Canaveral aerospace base in Florida, reports Phonandroid. This rocket was making its eleventh launch there and the first stage was able to return safely to the Atlantic Ocean where the barge Just Read The Instructions is positioned.

This launcher, which has equal missions with another from the American company, will be able to go back into space again. Reusing launchers has always been SpaceX’s priority. Efficiency and productivity go through the complete and rapid reuse of space equipment, regularly declared Elon Musk, the boss of SpaceX.

One mission per week

This mission was the ninth of the year for a Falcon 9 rocket. 52 are planned this year. The objective is to make one flight per week. For now, the American space company is holding its own. The schedule is tight. For SpaceX, it is a question of succeeding in deploying enough satellites in space to guarantee a mega constellation of communication devices making it possible to guarantee high-speed Internet connections on the whole of the Earth.

In reaction to the Russian military operation and at the request of the Ukrainian authorities, Elon Musk activated the Starlink network in the attacked country. Trucks full of satellite dishes have arrived to guarantee a 200 Mb/s connection to the population, thus avoiding network failures or cyberattacks.

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