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SpaceX In Talks With White House For Iran Starlink Service: Report –

According to a report by CNNthe US government has approached SpaceX to discuss the possibility of deploying Starlink, the company’s high-speed satellite internet service, in Iran.

The information comes from several officials with knowledge of the discussions. The nature of these talks is unclear, and it is unclear whether the government intends to fund Starlink kits and service in Iran.

SpaceX has already activated Starlink in Iran, but according to a tweet from Musk last week, there are currently “very few” active Starlink terminals in the country. The company wants to ensure the internet remains available in Iran, where mass protests erupted over the suspicious death of 22-year-old Mahsa Amini in September.

“We have our foot on the accelerator to do everything in our power to support the aspirations of the Iranian people,” a senior administration official said.

“That’s our policy, period. At the same time, it’s truly an Iranian movement led by young girls and expanding into other aspects of society. And we don’t want to eclipse their movement in any way.”

However, it seems the White House isn’t entirely convinced to work with Musk given the famous billionaire’s history of unpredictability. “He’s a loose cannon that we can never predict,” said a senior U.S. defense official familiar with the government’s talks with Musk and SpaceX about Ukraine.

SpaceX has previously helped Ukraine by delivering thousands of Starlink dishes to counter the Russian invasion, which disrupted communications. The company and its Internet service continue to support Ukraine.

Last week, SpaceX asked the Pentagon to take responsibility for…



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