SpaceX rocket debris found in field in Australia

In the middle of a field somewhere in Australia, a sheep farmer came across… a monolith planted in the ground. Approximately 2.5 meters high. The remains of an alien craft? Of course not. Space debris of terrestrial origin.

In New South Wales (Australia), a sheep farmer made an astonishing discovery a few days ago. A kind of monolithmonolith Of type “2001: A Space Odyssey”. Space debris about 2.5 meters high planted in his field. He’s not the only one. Two of his neighbors also found similar remains on their property. All after locals reported hearing a deafening noise. So is it an alien craft the victim of a bad maneuver?

Debris from a Falcon 9 ignited the skies across the US last night. And the Internet!

Certainly not, say the experts. However, engineers from the Australian Space Agency (ASA) went there to analyze the debris in question. All within the framework of a government plan which aims to control re-entry into our atmosphereatmosphere space debris. History to define each other’s responsibilities in the matter.

More debris from the SpaceX mission to be discovered

Before them, Brad Tucker, one astrophysicistastrophysicist from the Australian National University had previously shared its findings. According to him, this was the remains of a SpaceX capsule. And this for many reasons. First, because the noise described by locals matches the time when the SpaceX Crew-1 Trunk – the lower part of the unpressurized capsule – was reported to enter our atmosphere. So because the location where the debris was found lines up almost perfectly with the craft’s re-entry path.

ASA experts confirm this. And everyone expects more SpaceX debris to be found in the coming weeks or even months. They encourage those who encounter them to avoid handling them and instead contact the company’s dedicated service.Elon MuskElon Musk. By phone or email at [email protected]


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