SpaceX takes on the FCC

By Carlos PIRES, the

SpaceX criticize Federal Communications Commission (FCC) after the cancellation of an $886 million subsidy for its satellite Internet service star link.

In its decision, handed down on August 10, the commission confirmed that SpaceX could not demonstrate that suppliers could deliver the promised service .

Responding to this reasoning a few days ago, David Goldman, director of satellite policy for SpaceX, said that the FCC’s decision leaves many Americans forever stuck on the wrong side of the digital divide .

The former director of the FCC, under the Trump administration, neutral to Elon Musk, had given a grant of 886 million dollars to develop the rural Internet in the United States. The FCC, under the Biden administration, which doesn’t like Musk, is canceling this grant, and that’s too bad if it serves Americans in the white zone (and there are a lot of them!).

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