SpaceX wants to connect school buses in rural areas of the United States to the Starlink network

The Constellation star link expands more and more with the satellites that continue to be sent into orbit. The internet network of SpaceX can today be used on ships and even in Antarctica. Recently, the company announced a new project closer to the population, especially those living in rural areas of the United States.

According to a SpaceX application filed with the FCC or Federal Communications Commissionthe company will start a pilot test who go connect school buses in rural areas of the United States to the Starlink network. This project would aim to allow students to connect during long journeys, that is to say those that last more than an hour. Students will be able to do assignments that require an Internet connection even if they don’t have a connection at home.


This idea of ​​connecting school buses is not entirely new. In 2018, Google had already installed WiFi in student transport vehicles.

The best solution ?

According to the reports, SpaceX simultaneously supported FCC Chairman Jessica Rosenworcel’s proposal to introduce WiFi on school buses. The company said it supports the regulator’s efforts to fund Internet access in schools and libraries through the program E-Rate.

For SpaceX, its Starlink technology is the solution thanks to its rapid deployment of satellites, portable satellite dishes, and rapid service in most remote areas.

Awaiting response from FCC

This move by SpaceX comes just two months after the FCC cleared Starlink for use in vehicles. The agency had said it would be “in the public interest” to allow people to stay online while on the move.

However, there is no guarantee that the FCC supports this latest proposal from SpaceX and that it agrees to fund the use of Starlink’s service on school buses. Previously, the FCC rejected SpaceX’s request to obtain 911.6 million euros through the Rural Digital Opportunity Fund.

Let’s wait to see if this latest SpaceX project for its Starlink network will come to fruition.

SOURCE: Engadget


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