SpaceX’s Starlink service could be coming to Android and iOS smartphones

Elon Musk’s company, Starlink, has just sent a request to the US Federal Communications Commission to use the 2 GHz frequency band for a new service for mobile users.

Starlink satellites in space

The Starlink satellite internet network provided by the company SpaceX has applied to the FCC (US Federal Communications Commission) to be able to start using the 2 GHz frequency band in order to be able to extend the range of its constellation of satellites to mobile devices.

Internet on mobile by satellite

This request, if granted, would make it possible in the future to send data directly from satellites rather than using conventional relay antennas. SpaceX would now have the technology necessary to set up such a service since its acquisition of the Californian start-up Swarm last August, a company which offers picosatellites dedicated to the Internet of Things.

The company’s goal is to eventually be able to use its Starlink satellites on the 2 GHz frequency band and thus send transmissions directly to mobile devices. The company also suggests that this offer would be made possible through a portable device that would allow users to connect to the network while currently requiring a large antenna powered by an electrical network.

SpaceX’s mobile service will also have a latency of less than 50 milliseconds, which will make it almost imperceptible to the consumer and will be available even in remote areas, which would be the strong point of the offer.

This would probably complement the existing offer – and in particular the Starlink service dedicated to boats, planes and motorhomes – and could also be used by certain government bodies which only correspond by satellite for certain important missions.

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