spectacular images of a Falcon 9 in front of the Sun

A feast for the eyes, 3 remarkable photos of the launch yesterday morning, May 18, in Florida of a launcher Falcon 9Falcon 9 with 53 mini-satellites of the Starlink constellation at its head.

Professional photographers regularly attend the launches of SpaceXSpaceX (there it was the third in five days!), on behalf of the companyElon MuskElon Musk or for the media, to take very beautiful pictures for each of the flights (there are many of them). And it happens that some stand out for their striking beauty, the deliberate staging and effects in the sky created by the reusable Falcon 9. That is still the case today with these photographers who have chosen to face SunSun rising to catch transittransit from launcherlauncher in front of it just after takeoff. That rocketrocket splits the Sun in two, a Sun like an orange. The blur created by the engines added to turbulenceturbulence what halos itstarstar solar creates an impressive spectacle that can evoke a eyeeye.

On the visible surface of this beautiful and brilliant Sun, we clearly distinguish two pairs of two dark spots, the active regions 3014 and 3015. These spots are numerous during this period of increasing solar activity (maximum expected in 2025). It is possible that one of them will belch a gigantic eruption in the next few days.


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