Speed ​​limits removed in UK?

The issue is being discussed across the channel about the introduction of free speed. Currently, UK smart motorways are limited to 70 miles (113 km/h). The investment in these routes has divided the English political class: more than six billion pounds and years of trials with an inconclusive result. Today, the future of English motorways is re-emerging to prompt a removal of restrictions. Not to everyone’s taste…

Conservative Party leader Liz Truss on her appointment as Prime Minister on 5 September 2022 – Paul Grover//SIPA

An ecological concern

For a long time, the German or Dutch models were taken as examples when talking about road safety. If the increase in the speed of regulation has been mentioned in the UK, the total removal of the limits is quite new. But hard to believe that this project is really possible. With the energy crisis and the increase in fuel prices, some European neighbors are reconsidering their position, and the trend is rather towards lowering the speed on the highways. But a few exceptions should be noted. The Isle of Man in Great Britain is an independent area without motorways where speed is free.

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