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Squeezy’s short film for Amazon Prime Video

“I have always loved the horror genre, in any form. I have been sharing horror threads from stories found on the internet with my YouTube community for over 4 years now. Last year we wanted to go further by creating ” Gloomy », a homemade cartoon from the threads, with original stories written by ourselves.
The next step was obviously to make a movie out of it, but fiction is very difficult to produce. The processes are long and expensive.

Prime Video offered us a collaboration for Halloween to produce a short film based on a horror thread we had written. The opportunity was perfect to test this new format, which has been close to our hearts for a long time.
It is my first short film, as usual it is made with my family because Théodore Bonnet is still directing. We can’t wait to get people’s feedback, because if they like it, why not one day try to make a long…”

Prime Video and Squeezie thus combine their expertise to offer both the culmination of the Squeezie horror saga and a definitive work of cinematic social storytelling, a true love letter to creators.




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