Starlink makes the headlines in the annual reviews: the service is doing well

In its annual review, Cloudflare talks about Starlink, SpaceX’s low-orbit satellite constellation that enables internet access from (almost) anywhere in the world.

A 15-fold increase in usage

Cloudflare is a company specialized in network management (it offers content distribution, protection against DDoS attacks, etc.) and it measured the traffic coming from AS AS14593, which belongs to Starlink. An AS (or autonomous system) is a set of computer networks under the control of a single entity (here Starlink). Put simply, the traffic originating from this AS is related to service users.

In yellow, France. In white, world.

And between January and December 2022, the traffic is therefore multiplied by 15, with some peaks related to the use in Ukraine, the availability in Romania or a constant increase in the United States. As far as France is concerned, we can feel a somewhat sluggish start before the service finds its cruising speed. The loss during the spring is related to the company losing its frequencies… before they got them back.

Ookla confirms

Ookla, the publisher of the Speedtest application, also provides some information in its annual report. The company explains that Starlink’s average speeds are significantly higher than the average for fixed offers in a number of European countries, but with speeds decreasing over the year. In its report for the second quarter of 2022, Starlink still offered about 111 Mb/s reception and 16 Mb/s transmission. One of the reasons for this drop probably comes from the increasing number of subscribers, which has a direct impact on performance.

In the US, coverage increases over time.

More 5G rollouts in 2022, but slower upload speeds

More 5G rollouts in 2022, but slower upload speeds

Exact numbers are unknown, but Starlink claimed 700,000 customers in September 2022 and over a million in December. In France they would be around 10,000 according to this article in Le Monde (6,500 officially in September).

A Starlink facility.

From a practical point of view, Starlink officially offers between 50 and 200 megabit/s reception, speeds much higher than conventional ADSL lines or 4G subscriptions. The price is still quite high: €50 per month at the moment, with an installation kit billed at €450. Why “for now”? Because the company tends to change its prices and associated restrictions periodically.

Starlink is once again offering a completely unlimited offer in France

Starlink is once again offering a completely unlimited offer in France


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