Storms and hail: how to be compensated by your insurance?

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This month of June was marked by violent storms and heavy hailstorms. If you notice damage to your car or your home, it is possible to use your insurance under certain conditions… We’ll explain.

A hole in the roof, damaged furniture, dented bodywork, a broken windshield… So many damage which may be the result of hail which has been particularly intense this month. In total, bad weather from June 2 to 5 will cost 940 million euros to compensate the victims. This is without taking into account the last hailstorms of June 20 and 21. If you have had major damage to your home or vehicle, here are the steps to follow.

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My house is damaged due to bad weather, what should I do?

Once you see the damage you have five days to report them toinsurance. Claims due to bad weather are covered by multi-risk home insurance. You can be reimbursed either new or with a reduction in obsolescence, it depends on the option to which you have subscribed.

As soon as you notice the damage, take a maximum of Pictures and get the most bills possible damaged items. Also, if you have expenses to repair your home yourself, keep the invoices for the purchase of materials. These costs can be reimbursed to you.

If your house is particularly damaged and therefore requires a lot of repair costs, your insurance can send a expert to see the damage. A visit that can happen several days after the disasters. Thus, it is important that you protect your home from further damage that may occur. Cover, move furniture, raise objects, do what you can to avoid further damage, as this may be required by the insurer.

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Your car is damaged, what to do?

As with your home, you have five days to contact your insurer and report the claim. If you have taken out insurance “all risks”, you are covered for damage due to hail. If you do not have this formula, check that you benefit from the clause “any accident damage guarantee”. The latter will cover damage to the bodywork. For windshields and other glass, damage is insured if you have the “glass breakage” option. Your insurance may leave you with a remainder, so you will pay part of the repairs.

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