Strikes resume in Britain

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In Britain, the ceasefire is over. The day after the Queen’s funeral, the strikes started again. Since the spring, Britain has been plunged into an economic crisis, the country has been trapped by the explosion of energy prices and incessant inflation. Unions are again calling for protests and work stoppages across the country.

Since the beginning of summer, postmen, crane operators, Dock workers, garbage men, truck drivers, but also British criminal lawyers are on strike. All are calling for wage increases to match inflation, which exceeds 10%, largely due to the explosion in energy prices.

If, due to the Queen’s death, the unions have suspended the numerous mobilizations planned for September, after respecting the time of public mourning, they will return to the struggle.

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The massive support plan for households announced by new Prime Minister Liz Truss may not weigh heavily in the balance sheet, especially as unions are very upset about new rules that came into force in July that allow the use of temps to replace striking employees.

The most powerful unions in the country have come together to take legal action. On behalf of the millions of employees they represent, they accuse the government of wanting to break the strike, but also of bringing in trades whose specific tasks would be carried out by poorly trained temporary workers.

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