student charged with ‘threatening behaviour’

He is suspected of having thrown several eggs at King Charles III: A 23-year-old student was charged on Monday with “threatening behaviour”. Patrick Thelwell will appear in court on Tuesday in York, the city where the events took place on November 9, to be formally informed of the charges. He faces up to six months in prison.

As the king and his wife shook hands, cheered by Britons who came to greet them, Patrick Thelwell had thrown several eggs in the sovereign’s direction, narrowly missing him. The press then presented him as a student and environmental activist, claiming that he had shouted anti-monarchist slogans and that Britain was “built with the blood of slaves” before his arrest.

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The monarchy remains hugely popular in the United Kingdom, but royalty is going through a turbulent period three months after Elizabeth II’s death and Charles’ accession to the throne. In a documentary on Netflix, the youngest son of Charles, Harry and his wife Meghan, actually settle their accounts with the royal family, which they left with a bang in 2020.

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