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Suella Braverman, Home Secretary and Tory Right standard bearer

This is the shock announcement from the government, which was formed on Tuesday, October 25, by the new British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak: the appointment of Suella Braverman to the Home Office. The young woman has many points in common with the new head of government. Like him, she is 42 years old, of Indian origin. As a mother of two children, she entered the Lower House in 2015.

Supporter of deportations of migrants in Rwanda

Suella Braverman shares the goal with him “regain control of national borders” and to drastically reduce immigration. She finds a ministry she left on October 19, a day before Liz Truss’s official resignation. Like Priti Patel who had preceded her, she promised to follow the same policy of deporting asylum seekers who arrived on British soil without a visa.

At the Tory convention on 4 October she left more than one Conservative stunned when she exclaimed that “his dream”and even his “occupation”was it ” that Daily Telegraph (British right-wing newspaper) devotes its front page to the photograph of a plane taking off for Rwanda ».

Opponent to Liz Truss

The day before Liz Truss’ forced resignation, Suella Braverman quit her post by admitting she had mistakenly sent documents from her letterbox to a parliamentary assistant indicating she refused to follow a Prime Minister’s policy of increasing immigration and providing for expedited access to visas for workers in multiple industries.

In that, she did not mince words against her former boss: “I am seriously concerned about the willingness of this government to meet the commitments of the program on which it was elected, such as reducing the total number of migrants and stopping illegal immigration, especially dangerous crossings in small boats. »

Radical about Brexit

A radical on immigration, Suella Braverman was also a radical on Brexit. A year after her arrival in the Commons, she was appointed chair of the European Research Group (ERG), which brought together the most Eurosceptic MPs. An express promotion for this former student of the Erasmus university exchange program who lived for two years in Paris in the early 2000s.

She is also adamant about layoffs. In November 2018, she also left her post as deputy minister responsible for leaving the EU in Theresa May’s government because she believed that the content of the Brexit deal being negotiated at the time was a betrayal » Brexit voters. Four years later, she is the flag bearer for her party’s extreme right wing. How long until she stops?




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