In the United States, Amazon faces new lawsuits

The e-commerce giant is accused of anticompetitive practices in California. A new legal front is opening up for Amazon in the United States. The California State Attorney filed a complaint on Wednesday against the e-merchant for violating local competition laws. After two years of investigation, Robe Bonta believes that Amazon’s third-party sellers are forced to … Read more

climate claims since January will cost 5.2 billion euros

The increase in natural disasters and the rise in the cost of materials needed for reconstruction explain this exceptionally high amount. Natural disasters in France generated 1.4 million claims between January and August and will result in 5.2 billion euros in compensation from insurers, according to the latest score sent Friday by the professional federation … Read more

Macron gives farmers a boost

The President of the Republic announced on Friday a simplification of the rules of the new crop insurance system to encourage them to protect themselves. Emmanuel Macron ruled in favor of farmers. During a meeting this Friday with young farmers in Loiret, the President of the Republic clarified the rules of the new crop insurance … Read more

Which school insurance to choose for your children?

This is one of the (many) questions that arise each new school year.. In which cases is school insurance compulsory? How to choose ? Le Figaro make the point. If the start of the school year has already passed for young French people, this is only the beginning of the administrative tasks for parents. Generally, … Read more

The government will allow compensation for ransoms from cyberattacks

The possibility of compensation will be conditional on the filing of a complaint by the victim. The clarification was eagerly awaited. Insurers will be able to compensate victims of cyber-ransom, these ransoms paid by hacked companies on the internet, Bercy announced on Wednesday. Provided they file a complaint. Until now, a gray area remained. If … Read more

Mental health, the first expense item of Medicare

In France, 1 person in 5 is affected each year by a mental disorder. kitzcorner/Kittiphan – The economic burden of these mental disorders could be greatly reduced by the implementation of appropriate policies. In France, 1 person in 5 is affected each year by a mental disorder (depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress, etc.). As a … Read more

Unemployment insurance, Labor, Security … The busy program of the Council of Ministers on Wednesday

By John Timsit Posted just now, Update just now The return to school promises to be busy for the President of the Republic. Le Figaro While he had warned the French against the “end of abundance” when the government returned two weeks ago, Emmanuel Macron will chair a Council of Ministers on Wednesday morning where … Read more

The paths of Medicare to save 1.2 billion euros in 2023

Medicare wants to negotiate a “new financial pact” with medical biology laboratories, whose profitability has soared with the crisis. Emerging from the pandemic with a historic deficit of 26 billion euros in 2021 – the second largest in its history -, Health Insurance has identified ways to achieve… 1.2 billion in savings in 2023. is … Read more

In Russia, the subsidiaries of tricolor groups deprived of European insurance

Insurance groups fear being caught out in the application of Western sanctions against Russia. KIRILL KUDRYAVTSEV/AFP ANALYSIS – From the start of the war, major players in the sector, such as Axa and Allianz, announced that they had stopped underwriting “new business” in Russia. This is one more headache for French companies that have remained … Read more

Microsoft will create 36,000 jobs in Qatar

A new cloud data center will be one of the US tech giant’s biggest international projects. Microsoft announced on Wednesday that it would create 36,000 jobs in Qatar to support the efforts of this Gulf state to no longer depend on its oil and gas industry. Created with the support of the government of Qatar, … Read more