The Amazon film with Dwayne Johnson and Chris Evans expands its (large) cast

The Amazon Prime Video commissioned Christmas movie starring Dwayne Johnson and Chris Evans, RedOnepaying for a very interesting new headliner. If the next Jumanji Still hanging in Hollywood drawers, Dwayne Johnson, or the worst of Hollywood, will still be in front of filmmaker Jake Kasdan’s camera for another project commissioned for the Amazon Prime platform. … Read more

the Amazon series is very disappointing and the writers are aware of it

After the review bombing and mixed reviews of the first episodes of Rings of Powerthe writers admit that the Amazon series is not phew. While the Amazon series is nearing the end of its first season, the opinions collected episode after episode are not exactly brilliant. After having suffered a spectacular review bombing by the … Read more

a terrifying trailer for the French football film from Amazon

Amazon Prime Video unveiled its new movie Classico with a stunning trailer, and it already looks like a hell of a wonder. Amazon Prime Video does not hesitate to support the greatest hopes and original creations of French cinema. Recently, we obviously think of the series Miskina the poora kind of modern Cosette or the … Read more

a trailer from the future for the Amazon series from the creators of Westworld

The Peripheralthe new Amazon series from the creators of Westworld is revealed in a futuristic trailer. Amazon turns to science fiction and hopes to bet on the right horse. If, at first glance, seeing the creators of Westworld taking the reins of a brand new project that promises to be enticing – given the general … Read more