In the UK, the nuclear soap opera of Sizewell C – Liberation

In the UK, the nuclear soap opera of Sizewell C – Liberation

Energy Article reserved for subscribers With France but without China: Britain’s investment in nuclear power, announced on Tuesday, aims to establish the country’s energy independence but also marks a turning point in its foreign policy. The project was announced and re-announced for years, and the project was validated in July. In September, a few days … Read more

104 years after the Armistice of 1918, commemorative ceremonies in France or Great Britain

104 years after the Armistice of 1918, commemorative ceremonies in France or Great Britain

In Paris, Emmanuel Macron on Friday led the commemoration ceremony for the 104th anniversary of truce which sealed the victory of France and its allies over Germany, although the cessation of hostilities, decided on November 11, 1918, was only temporary. We had to wait Versailles Treaty seven months later, before the First World War officially … Read more

Macron on France 2, Unemployment insurance… Deals of the week

The bill on the a-kassen was debated in the Senate from Tuesday The bill on “unemployment insurance” will be debated from Tuesday 25 October at the first reading in the Luxembourg Palace. The senators have made their mark in committee on the bill, between the passage of joint action and repeated rejections of penalized CDIs. … Read more

“Big Business” N°101: The English lesson

"Big Business" N°101: The English lesson

Bertille Bayart Big Business EXCLUSIVE LETTER SUBSCRIBERS – The fall of Liz Truss, but also the fall of the British pound, sounds like a warning to governments and their budget policies. Dear subscribers, Whoever I talk to in economic and political circles in recent days, I have heard the same numbers repeated over and over … Read more

“Seasonal workers work more” – Liberation

Social Article reserved for subscribers The majority deputy “assumes” the restrictions limiting the use of short contracts which can penalize seasonal workers, and is “delighted” that the executive plans to “modulate the rules” of compensation “according to the market situation of the work”. “Of course, we have to go further.” While Emmanuel Macron announced in … Read more

this Canadian model that inspires Emmanuel Macron

Emanuel Macron. GONZALO FUENTES/REUTERS DECRYPTION – It is a question of modulating the rules of compensation according to the labor market. To the same evils, the same remedies? To accelerate the return to employment of some 2.3 million unemployed (as defined by the ILO) in France while redressing the accounts of a heavily indebted regime, … Read more

Macron gives farmers a boost

The President of the Republic announced on Friday a simplification of the rules of the new crop insurance system to encourage them to protect themselves. Emmanuel Macron ruled in favor of farmers. During a meeting this Friday with young farmers in Loiret, the President of the Republic clarified the rules of the new crop insurance … Read more

France is inspired by the Canadian model

Barely a few months after the launch of the last unemployment insurance reform, last December, Emmanuel Macron was already launching the idea of ​​​​conducting a new one. Announced during the campaign, the president again mentioned this project during his July 14 interview. The goal of this new reform: that unemployment insurance be “stricter when too … Read more