SpaceX wants to offer Starlink services in Iran

SpaceX intends to request an exemption from sanctions against Iran from the American administration in order to offer internet connection services there via its constellation of Starlink satellites, the founder of the aerospace company Elon Musk announced on Monday on his account. Twitter. Responding to a question from a reporter, Musk said “Starlink will apply … Read more

The game gets complicated for the Microsoft-Activision merger

By Chloe Woitier Posted 2 minutes ago, Update 2 minutes ago In the event of an Activision takeover, Call of Duty could theoretically become exclusive to Microsoft from 2028. Activision The British antitrust is opening an in-depth investigation into this $69 billion operation and its risks for the video game market. The acquisition by Microsoft … Read more

Amazon defends the diversity of the cast of its series from the “Lord of the Rings”

‘There aren’t just white people in Middle-earth’: the Amazon group has defended the casting of its big-budget series inspired by Lord of the Rings, in the face of criticism over the choice of actors from diverse backgrounds, which they believe would distort Tolkien’s work. Since the broadcast of the first two episodes of this series, … Read more

Amazon commitments to end Brussels investigations

The European Commission suspects the platform is taking advantage of data from independent retailers who sell on its site. Amazon has made commitments to put an end to two investigations by the European Commission, which suspects it of violating competition rules, in particular by taking advantage of data from independent retailers who sell on its … Read more

Elon Musk unveils the next generation of Starlink satellites

You may also be interested [EN VIDÉO] How to put a satellite in orbit around the Earth? Without our even being aware of it, satellites have become essential to our daily lives. The means of communication, surveillance and a good part of scientific research depend on it. So how do you get a satellite into … Read more

Why it is no longer possible to use your Ameli account on France Connect

For several weeks the Health Insurance icon has been deactivated. It would be a response to an “upsurge in computer attacks”. The France Connect system has lead in the wing. The portal created in 2015 to facilitate identification on public service sites does not work optimally. One of its options, connection via Health Insurance, has … Read more

Amazon reassures with 121 billion dollars in revenue, above expectations

Despite a difficult economic environment, Amazon’s turnover is up 7% in the second quarter. Amazon made more than $121 billion in revenue in the second quarter, up 7%, despite an unfavorable comparison with last year and a difficult economic environment. The e-commerce giant’s stock jumped 10% in electronic trading after the close of trading, after … Read more on car insurance: premiums almost 10 times higher for a …

24.08.2022 – 07:50 AG Lausanne (ots) Age and nationality are all factors that drive up the level of car insurance premiums. Sometimes even dizzyingly, since a young driver of foreign nationality can pay up to CHF 4,682.- more than an older Swiss insured for identical cover. Every year, the online comparison portal conducts … Read more

The TV mega-franchise war rages between Amazon Prime Video and HBO Max

Launched on Sunday by HBO Max, the series House of the Dragon is available on OCS in France Courtesy HBO With “The Rings of Power” and “House of the Dragon”, the two streaming giants are playing big. Dragons on one side. Hobbits and Elves on the other. And a battle that promises to be epic … Read more

Water consumption in data centers a cause for concern

While Europe is hit by drought, a report published in the Netherlands denounces the increase in water consumption in Microsoft data centers. It couldn’t have been worse. As Europe is hit by one of the worst droughts in its history, the Dutch press echoes a damning report for data storage centers. Last year, a giant … Read more